The leader in multi-chain digital asset security

NFID Vaults is the only way to securely manage multi-chain assets without government intervention, trusting a corporation, or fearing wallet loss.

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Better guarantees than any centralized exchange

Keeping your crypto on an exchange means you have no true ownership or control over it. If the exchange files for bankruptcy, pauses withdrawals, or the government steps in, you lose access to your funds. You require nobody’s permission to manage crypto in an NFID Vault.


Superior security than any single private key wallet

If you misplace or lose a traditional wallet, or someone gets access to your recovery phrase, your funds are susceptible to a full and unrecoverable withdrawal. Configure your NFID Vault with multi-factor security for withdrawals and other transactions.


More supported assets than any smart wallet

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other networks have proven that the future of global finance is multi-chain. NFID Vaults is the only smart wallet capable of storing crypto across all of the world’s next-generation blockchain networks.

Decentralized recovery

Already have a wallet? Strengthen your security

If you have crypto in a traditional wallet, like Ledger, and are uncomfortable with their centralized recovery process (or lack of any recovery method), create a permissionless recovery plan with your existing wallets in an NFID Vault.

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Digital asset protection in three simple steps

Deploy an NFID Vault

Set up your vault and pay smart contract fees in ICP. Your NFID Vault is a smart contract only you control.

Learn more about smart contracts and their fees.

Create a security plan

Configure an approval threshold of trusted wallets and store them in locations only you know about.

Learn more about wallet setup recommendations.

Withdraw with confidence

Deposit your assets and rest assured knowing they can’t be moved without reaching the predefined approval threshold.

Learn more about transaction approvals.

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