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The most secure account to shield your blockchain assets from government, corporate, and other threats of loss.

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Too many people have lost their assets trusting governments, companies, and single-signature wallets

Governments and the companies within their jurisdictions can’t always be trusted, and easy-to-lose wallets aren’t meant to secure large asset values.

Only NFID Vaults can keep all your assets secure from centralized threats, even if you lose a wallet

Other wallets are like sandcastles against the tide, leaving assets vulnerable to loss. Only NFID Vaults protect them all from loss, theft, fraud, and seizure.

What’s included
Omni-network support
Recommended for $100k+ in assets
Accidental loss
Denial of access / government seizure
Cyber attack
Physical threats
Centralized exchanges
i.e. Coinbase/Binance
Single-signature wallets
i.e. Metamask/Ledger
Multi-signature wallets
i.e. Safe
NFID Vaults

Comprehensive asset support

NFID Vaults is the only decentralized tool to effortlessly manage and safeguard assets across all supported networks.

Customizable multi-factor security

Configure impossible-to-bypass multi-factor protection to eliminate the threats of loss, theft, and cyber attacks.

Guaranteed self-sovereign access

Become immune to external interference from governments and other centralized entities.

Secure all your blockchain assets

Effortlessly manage and safeguard assets across all supported networks for long-term protection.

Defend against lost or stolen wallets

Say goodbye to the fears of loss, theft, and cyber attacks with multi-factor protection that cannot be bypassed.

Experience true financial sovereignty

Enjoy full control over your digital assets, immune to external interference from governments and other centralized entities.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes NFID Vaults more secure against cyber attacks compared to other wallets?
Can I manage assets across different blockchains in one NFID Vault?
How does the monthly credit card charge work, what is the payment for, and can I pay with $ICP instead?
Will there be a governance token for the NFID Vault protocol and how can I earn it?
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